Coyote Persuades the Salmon Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 60"
Original SOLD to Spirit Ridge Resort

Painting Notes:
The Syilx Okanagan Nation Alliance states that, “From the beginning of time, the Syilx people fished, hunted and gathered plant foods throughout this valley and other parts of the territory. Okanagan legends tell us that in the beginning, sen'k'lip (Coyote) brought the sockeye salmon up the Columbia River.
First he offered the salmon, in exchange for a wife, to the Okanagan people who live on the Similkameen River.


  • They refused, and no salmon swam into their river. Because the Syilx people who live along the Okanagan River did give Coyote a wife, the sockeye salmon have been swimming up the Okanagan River ever since.” This Acrylic on Canvas painting, Coyote Persuades the Salmon, is my creative interpretation and celebration of the story of Coyote whispering words of wisdom and encouragement to the Sockeye salmon as they swim up the Okanagan River.

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