\Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond
Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas
12 " x 24"
Price Framed $ 950.00

Above and Beyond
Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition /10
12 " x 24"
Price Framed $ 600.00

  • Painting Notes:

    The combination of relatively high valley elevation, moderate winter temperatures, and low winds provides the perfect opportunity to explore the Okanagan mountain slopes in winter. My outdoor explorations inspire me to paint the beauty of the winter season following a day of snowshoeing or cross country skiing. The best part about painting snow, is the way snow reflects both the values and colours of its surroundings. Warm colours in the sky warm the snow planes facing the light. I love the drama of strong shadows. The bright light situations, with an extremely blue sky, provide the strong shadows, with an opportunity to use a lot of blues.

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