\Nature's Hideaway

Nature's Hideaway
Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas
24 " x 36"

Nature's Hideaway
Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition
24 " x 36"
Price Framed $ 1300.00

Painting Notes:

This landscape painting conveys the mood and essence of a lovely warm day in the summer, with its sunlit blue sky and puffy white clouds. As an artist, I find water is endlessly inspiring with its ever changing nature.

  • The values of the clouds are more muted in the water, and the shallow water in the foreground of this lake painting creates a complex pattern of broken reflections. This secluded lake in the Okanagan, east of Osoyoos, is surrounded by a mixed forest of lodgepole pine, alder, larch and willow. It needs our protection so that we all have an opportunity to enjoy “Nature’s Hideaway” when life becomes hectic.

For those who love the earth